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At SAUR Industries, we’ve been building websites since 2016 using the world’s most popular CMS (Content Management System) named WordPress. It Is through this software we can build you a website with a full-range of customizataion at a fraction of the amount larger firms would charge you.

We use a tried & true platform named Elementor which gives us an enhanced ability to modify websites to suit your requirements twice as fast as the next agency. At SAUR Industries we’re not weighed down by inefficient, outdated methods, we’re solely focused on delivering you cutting-edge website solutions that amaze your customers for much less than any other firm, guaranteed.

Solving problems and delivering solutions has always been core values of ours. Which is precisely why our service offers features not presented by other agencies. These include us handling your yearly domain registration fees at no extra cost to you, this is unique to our birmingham based agency.

We also ensure your website’s monthly hosting fees are taken care of on our end, a feature that other agencies usually leave to their client. This can be especially tricky for a business to navigate without a dedicated website technician. But SAUR Industries will manage that for you, minimising hidden costs & maintaining a smooth website experience to help your business flourish on the internet for considerably less.

What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Our Services The Better Choice For Your Business?

SAUR Industries is solely focused on giving our clientele first-class service for economy-class prices, with us you’re assured to get a fully-modified website built to your requirements that your customers appreciate!

We use efficient and widely-compatible softwares to give you the website you envision, we’re able to tweak & modify specific aspects of a website to suit your business’ requirements for dramatically cheaper than any other website agency due to our ability to trim the fat & maintain a lean service

To propel your business on the internet, we include google pay-per-click adverts as a bundle package to smoothen the process of building your business with no contracts to hold you back.

Google Ads is a powerful tool for small businesses to reach their target audience. With Pay Per Click advertising handled by us on your behalf? Your business can place targeted ads in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

This means that small businesses can get more bang for their advertising buck. Finally, Google Ads is easy to implement and can be set up quickly, making it an ideal solution for small businesses that need to get their brand out quickly. Google Advertising is a great way for small businesses to get the exposure they need to succeed and SAUR Industries can do that for you.

Advertising your business on Facebook is an intuitive, popular method of marketing employed by the world’s largest companies who make Facebook the billionaire monolith they are. With over 1billion active users, your potential customers are surely using on Facebook browsing advertisements, why not let them see yours?

With our experience, we can bring your business around 1000 monthly clicks as part of our website design & marketing bundle. After 6 months that’s 6000 clicks, 6000 people interested in your business seeing your business brand

We don’t believe in contracts, they tie people down and often use specific wording to gain an upper hand against the signee, so with us you won’t have to sign one to do business with us

Available with a white background & a transparent background for maximum versatility to be deployed on various platforms.

We’re a one-stop-shop for all things websites & it’s always our core goal to get your business online as smooth as possible. We listen to your feedback & build you a logo with the design range & colours you had in mind.

Another way we can make your website experience smoother is by managing your website’s online hosting for you. A service that other agencies have their clients pay separately which can cost them an additional £250 per year on top of being a tricky service to navigate.

But with us we manage all the hosting costs for you as part of our service. Minimising unexpected costs for your  business.

Website Hosting connects a domain URL to an online server, allowing users to find it on the internet.

WordPress is the world’s most compatible Content Management System due to it’s high popularity & open-source customization options. Meaning your website won’t be locked into one organization with proprietary knowledge on modifying your website, instead you’ll have the complete freedom of having almost any website designer work on your website.

WordPress is a free alternative to Shopify, Wix or others, which ensures our prices are much lower than other agencies so you can get the best deal for your business!

Here at SAUR Industries we will register your website domain URL at no extra cost to you. We ensure your domain has everything it needs to securely connect onto the internet reliably so all your customers can learn more about your business

This is a feature that makes our service unique to other website design firms, we will add more web pages for you without incurring any additional charges. This is one of the many things that makes SAUR Industries a future-proof website agency that’ll be there to aid your venture in the long run

We’re always there daily when you need us. SAUR Industries will manage all the new additions you’d like to add to your website after it’s completion inlcuding editing any previous pages to update with new information

We’ll be there to handle it all while still giving you all the user access so you can have as much or as little involvement with modifying your website as you prefer

Website Development Features

Websites Built With Elementor

Our powerful page builder software allows us to give your website a limitless potential of possibilities for the lowest price possible. We can develop your website built to your spec.

Unlimited Content Updates

A feature that separates our agency from others is that we won't nickle & dime our clients to add new content to your website. Our monthly service ensures we're always available to update your site.

Mobile Friendly Websites

A mandatory optimization that all our websites include, we guarantee your website will function responsively on all mobile & tablet devices. This helps your Google Rankings too.

Free / .com Domain

A unique feature, we'll manage the domain costs and renewal fees on our end for you at no extra cost, this would save you a ton of time from having to deal with a technical burden.

Free Business Email Addresses

We'll generate upto 15 business email addresses that include your website domain and you'll be able to access them directly from your website link. This also includes forwarding them to other addresses.

Secure Transactions

We have experience with a variety of payment processors ranging from Stripe, Square and PayPal. These can be integreated into your website via buttons or eCommerce checkouts to get you paid smoothly.

Technical Support From The UK

SAUR Industries is founded in England, based in Birmingham. The United Kingdom's second largest city after London. We've been thriving since 2016 and will be here when you need us.

Free Website Hosting

Letting us host your website will save you approximately £250 per year! This feature really sets us apart from other agencies who would make you pay separately to get your website connected to the inernet.

One-Off Website Design Package

£5000 Single Payment

We’ll register your website’s domain via the popular domain registrar Namecheap for three years, later renewals can be handled by you for approximately £10 per year

We provide optional website maintenance and updates for the first year and leave the rest to you

Encrypts all data, keeping your customers’ details secure

Websites are optimized for all devices

You’ll have the user login info to access your website as much or as little as desired

Add more website pages anytime you need

Save approximately £250 every year on website connectivity

Communicate with customers & vendors with a professional online appearance

We can integrate PayPal, Stripe, Square, WorldPay or other payment processors

Monthly Website Design Package

£70 Monthly

We’ll register & renew your website’s URL for you

We’re always here when you need us to update your website

Encrypts all data, keeping your customers’ details secure

Websites are optimized for all devices

You’ll have the user login info to access your website as much or as little as desired

Add more website pages anytime you need

Save approximately £250 every year on website connectivity

Communicate with customers & vendors with a professional online appearance

We can integrate PayPal, Stripe, Square, WorldPay or other payment processors

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Was it always a dream of yours to venture out on your own? Or perhaps you had a genius idea that could fix a problem in the market today and make life more convenient for other people? Perhaps you've worked a job for years, learned everything there is to know and would like to build your own business for a chance at a better life? Whatever your motivation is, SAUR Industries is here to help you move forward on your business journey. We've gained specialist experience over the years to assist you with the nitty gritty parts of building your business so you can get ahead much faster. We're committed to seeing you thrive!

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