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Businesses Should Pay More To Attract Better Help Instead Of Bottom Of The Barrel Employees

business owner offers more money to potential new hires

All too often people join a new small business and eventually meet a garbage co-worker who makes them wonder “how did this fool get hired here? they’re not polite, not willing to help, stupid, unaware of their surroundings yet they’re so old so clearly they’ve been working before this” and it’s likely because the small company they signed up to work for is paying so little that this kind of bottom of the barrel worker is what shows up

Because all the good workers, the best of the top? Well they only apply to the very highest paying of jobs. Completely excluding those entrepreneurs’ businesses that don’t pay their employees the funds they should be

Unfortunately this is going to be a permanent issue, as long as medium sized companies are always trying to low ball workers? They’ll get such minimum effort that it’ll even impact the new hire’s co-workers. They’ll have to navigate around avoiding these types of wanton piece of trash colleagues, and that’s bad for business. Colleagues won’t collaborate and new revolutionary ideas won’t generate.

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