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Company Rockstar Games To Remake Popular Product To Boost Corporate Profits

red dead redemption popular gaming product

For those newbies who are coming for news on the potential Red Dead Redemption remaster, here’s what you need to know to get you up to speed on everything!

• In October 2022, Rockstar Games removed the PlayStation 3 title from Sony’s PS Now cloud streaming service
• Fast forward to June 27, the South Koran rating board classified a new application for “Red Dead Redemption”
• The following application from Take-Two Interactive included a expression for “body damage” and references to Undead Nightmare, it will likely be packaged with the remaster/remake
• The application was only for consoles only, no PC rating at this time yet
• Kotaku writer, Zack Zwiezen believes development for the remaster resumed in 2022 and claims it’ll be a “cleaned up remaster”. Before pausing, it was supposed to ship on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 be
• Also according Zack Zwiezen, Red Dead Redemption has seen overwhelming demand from fans for a remaster
• The newly updated achievements that emerged on 30/06 have been debunked to some extent. However, it’s possible that they’re reserved for the game since it adds some additional detail to select artwork which have never been seen before, but unlikely for the remaster. Midnight Club LA also received improved artwork achievements, but it’s hard to determine the age of both artworks.
• Rockstar Dundee may be involved developing this title, since October 2019 had a job listing involving remastering legacy UI systems for older Rockstar titles, although this should be treated with speculation at this current point

That’s covered everything for now. If there’s any news on the remaster, I’ll be sure to have it covered. However, I believe it’s unlikely the remaster will ship out this Summer since Take-Two has a good history of shipping AAA titles during the Fall.

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