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About Us

SAUR Industries was founded in Aston, Birmingham. A small wholesome town based just north of city centre and it’s highly renowned Bullring. Our website design services are available all across the United Kingdom, all our work is done in-house so you won’t have to deal with currency conversion with agencies outside the UK

SAUR Industries has been operating since 2016, throughout the years we’ve always welcomed new softwares and technologies to improve our strategies with delivering clients the exceptional services for the economical prices and have goals to continue doing so for the foreseeable future!

Our focus is dedicated to serving small businesses, especially new ventures recently opened. We’re a small business ourselves and love helping other entrepreneurs bring their vision to fruition. All our services have a huge proponent in helping your business get off the ground as smoothly as possible for much less than any other firm

We use PayPal and Bank Transfers to handle secure transactions. For websites we build we’re able to implement a wide variety of payment processors including Stripe & Square so your business can receive funds from patrons autonomously with ease

Absolutely, we provide free business emails based on your website domain, these emails can also be synced with your gmail account or accessed via your website through a specific URL. You’ll be able to maintain a unified & professional appearance when communicating with your prospects!

Due to our website development services being available for exponentially less than alternative website design firms in Birmingham, our services can easily be paid for at the start of development for your website. We avoid hidden costs & take every measure to guarantee you’re getting the best value for your buck!

About Our Websites

How Long Does IT Take To Develop A Website?

We aim for a 4 week turnaround, but the pace of web development is set by each client. The amount of input you give during development, your availability for feedback, how soon you provide content affects the time of completion. We can have a functional base completed within 7 days of joining our service and the more complex a website, the longer it can take to construct

Do You Exclusively Build Websites With WordPress?

Absolutely that’s correct, WordPress is the world’s leading Content Management System (CMS) due to it’s open-source coding which means it’s compatible with more third-party softwares than any other CMS platform. WordPress over 25% of the web thanks to it’s modern design capabilities and reliable programming possibilities. With WordPress we deliver first-class websites for economy-class pricing much quicker than other firms due to our time-saving solutions we honed over the years

Will My Website Be Optimized For Smart Phones?

100% – thanks to WordPress’ intuitive programming all our websites are mobile-friendly from the ground up, ensuring your customers are able to learn about your business from their mobile devices. In today’s age more people than ever use their phones for internet searches, so it’s crucial your website is smartphone compatible to give your viewers the best browsing experience 

How Much Input Can I Give During Development?

As much as you want! Your feedback is the most crucial aspect in developing your website. We’ll be sure to gauge your preferences through asking you questions, understanding your business & what practical features you’ll need to get your website off the ground

What's Web Hosting?

Website Hosting is an online service that connects your website onto the internet by storing it onto a server connected to the internet! Every website needs hosting, consider it rental space on the world wide web. Some websites have their own dedicated server while most websites use a specialist hosting service to get their site onto the internet

Who Will Host My Website?

We will, we employ a dedicated hosting platform that reliably maintains a 99% uptime, guaranteeing your website will stay connected on the internet without issues. Our web hosting services are included in our website design package at no extra cost, saving you approximately £250 every year

What Are Domains?

A domain is the URL name of your website (for example which identifies your webpage on the internet. All website domains are required to be registered on the internet by a domain registrar then renewed once a year, it’s possible to renew a domain for multiple years in advance

Who Will Register My Domain?

As part of our website design service we’ll register your domain for you. There are dozens of domain registrars available on the globe but we use Namecheap for its economic rates and great reliability, so you’re guaranteed to get the best value for your money 

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