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Food businesses should get tax incentives to donate unsold food

Small business chip shop selling pizza

Every week hundreds upon thousands of small businesses across Cardiff & Birmingham that sell food always discard and throw away the food they haven’t sold

Meaning all that valuable food, which is usually still within it’s expiry date is tossed out in the garbage going to waste. Meanwhile there’s thousands of homeless people starving around england and wales who could 100% benefit from free meals which these small food business throw out

We all are aware chip-shops and cafe’s prepare fresh food each day to be sold to their hungry customers paying top prices for food. But as expected, it’s always impossible to predict how much product each patron will order. Meaning food is always there to be dashed away into the garbage, but that nutrition is still just as good as ever! It could absolutely be donated by contacting a local soup kitchen to pick up the small business’ unsold food and using it to feed those in need

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