Free Logo Creation

The logo design services we provide are exclusively available only with our website design package, a decision to help ensure we’re always dedicated to delivering the smoothest website design services for new or small businesses
Being a small business that strives on taking the initiative, this free service was brought forth first to help a client who didn’t have a logo while hiring our services so we took it upon ourselves to overcome that obstacle

Available With White Or Transparent Backgrounds

The logos we put together are available with both white backgrounds or even transparent ones, ideal for any place you choose to use them in

Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to see the logos we brought to fruition on products, services, and advertisements by small businesses!

Catch A Glimpse On The Carousel

Designed for various purposes, take a look at the logos we’ve developed over the years for different individuals or businesses 

Logos are an exceptional way to identify your brand ensuring your patrons are able to recognise your organisation at a glimpse

Three For Free On Logos

In order to maintain a balance between speed and quality, we offer three variations of a logo for each client who requests it! Over the years we’ve designed a small range of logos to meet various requirements. A logo certainly is a great way to identify your brand so we always aim to give our clients great designs they can be proud of!

Correct! SAUR Industries believes in 100% transparency and we aim to ease our clientele as best we can. Which is why this service is available exclusively with our website design package as a value added benefit to you, the client!


No, we at SAUR Industries do not claim copyright and we don’t trademark the logos we design for you

This guarantees freedom of choice, ensuring you’re always allowed to do with your logo as you please without any future interference from our end


Approximately £70! According to graphic design agencies we’ve scoped out. However our main focus is on websites and delivering top-quality websites for budget-friendly amounts, so logo design is a feature we deliver for free with our website services!


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We’d be pleased to converse about your business, over the years we’ve been able to meet various customer specifications and we’re confident we can do the same for you!


Questions Welcome

Feel free to ask us any questions you'd like, we always make time to get our patrons the answer they need