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Gaming Business Ubisoft Announces To Release 8 Games Within 10 Months? False Promises

gaming business Ubisoft selling new game assassin's creed mirage

Ubisoft the large games business announces to sell the new unreleased games before March 2024:

– Assassins’ Creed Mirage

– Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

– Rainbow 6 Mobile – Division Resurgence

– Skull & Bones

– The Crew: Motorfest

– Xdefiant

– “Another Large Game”

Considering Ubisoft Corporation hasn’t released a decent game in years, and the mediocre trash games they’ve released are so polluted with micro transactions, loot boxes and online connection requirements that their games are not worth the storage space they take

I don’t believe gaming company Ubisoft will pull through and release the games they claim they will. Eight games in ten months but they don’t have any marketing going on, no adverts or SEO optimized blog posts and nothing in between. If they really wanted to release what seems to be one game per month? They better start releasing games yesterday

Do you have a business selling games that needs marketing to get off the ground & a website overhaul?

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