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Gaming Business Volition Squanders Their Creativity

When i first discovered the latest installment of Saints Row (The Reboot) was going to have a wing-suit flight feature, i was skeptical. I absolutely adore wing-suits but like Just Cause before Saints Row, the game squandered it’s wing-suiting potential

How so? Simply put, by not offering players INFINITE WING-SUIT BOOST!

Wouldn’t we all as gamers love to have a game that lets us players enjoy the exhilarating thrill of infinitely flight boosting through the windy skies roleplaying as Iron Man?

Yet gaming businesses like Volition feel the incessant need to waste their power-fantasy potential by limiting the wingsuit mechanics by not giving us an infinite boost feature

If we ponder on the logistic possibilities as small business owners, it would cost the game company absolutely nothing to offer their loyal customer-base the awesome feature of infinite boosting

That’s why in 2023 more than ever, gaming companies in the united kingdom have such an opening to absolutely soar through the gaming industries by gifting players the user-friendly gameplay features they so desire

The positive word of mouth generated by going above and beyond to deliver satisfying gaming to their customers will absolutely increase their profits by atleast tenfold

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