Domain Registrar

To build the foundation of developing a website. We start with registering the domain name, such as “” for a yearly renewal fee that we take care of on our end as we’ve always strived to minimise obstacles in a pursuit to streamline our services

We prefer to register domains with Namecheap for their smooth service and economical prices. So while there are a wide range of domain registrars available offering the same quality service, our experience lies exclusively with this platform

All websites on the internet require hosting, a service which physically stores the websites on a server, connecting to the world wide web. In the 21st century there are millions are hosting companies with server farms primed for storing websites.

We at SAUR Industries choose to use Hostgator for their economic prices for the same highly-reliable service. Hosting is included with our website design package so our clientele need not consider additional charges or obstacles. We are a one-stop website shop that ensures the websites we develop are connected to the internet via hosting.

All the websites we’ve developed are made using WordPress, a Content Management System that’s both free and widely-customizable boasting a huge range of capabilities suited for all types of websites.

 Due to WordPress being free to use, we’re able to offer website design services at much lower amounts than other firms while still being able to deliver on custom made-to-order websites suited to each client’s preferences!

All SAUR Industries websites are built on WordPress, the globe’s most customizable Content Management System employed by organizations such as: Microsoft News, Sony and BBC America. WordPress powers more than 30% of all websites and powers over 400million websites.


Elementor is a dedicated page-builder software which streamlines the process of constructing a web-page, completely erasing the requirement to code a website which in turn delivers faster results for clients at an extensively economic amount, similar to other page builders like Divi and WPBakery

Through Elementor, we’re able to forge both simple and complex webpages based on specifications provided at a much lower rate than firms whose website building solely relies on coding entire pages, with the added benefit of delivering sooner on promises. Which is why Elementor is used by millions of website technicians across the globe for its drag-&-drop customization!

All-In-One SEO

Search Engine Optimization, a crucial component on any website which aims to help that website show up for relevant search terms based around it’s niche, meaning SEO helps get visitors onto your website
It optimises your webpages so they can rank higher on relevant search result pages. This aids in boosting traffic to your home screen 
SEO is a long-term process that can produce benefits over the course of years. As part of our standard website design package, we provide the essential foundation ensuring relevant search times are tagged to webpages using an “All In One SEO” plugin which works in tandem with Google’s web-crawler bots which scan websites to categorise and rank them accordingly


A popular software employed by millions of small businesses, WooCommerce streamlines the process of selling items online through an e-commerce website by providing a huge host of features to help online stores thrive
Without the need for expensive, time-hording hours of coding WooCommerce is complete with functionalities to offer sale prices, promotional codes, a range of photographs and an unlimited product description potential! Among other features is WooCommerce can calculate inputted shipping prices based on regions or even limit shipping to specific countries only
It’s also integrated to securely accept transactions via many payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe or Square among dozens of others, so you can rest easy your merchant account will receive your funds hastily without undue complications

Starter Templates

Powered by Pixabay, a very helpful piece of software that streamlines media input onto websites. Granting the ability to browse across millions of no-copyright images ready to be implemented onto a web-page, enhancing the design in a breeze with ease
This ensures we’re able to put together websites at an exponentially faster pace than other website agencies while simultaneously reducing the amount of photos clients would need to source on their time. It’s measures like these that help streamline our service to deliver results with minimal obstacles

Sydney Theme

A simple and reliable theme which delivers a reliable framework for a website. Interchangeable with many more but we here prefer Sydney for it’s ease of use and wide range of options. The added benefit of using a theme includes massive savings for both us and our clientele, strongly due to the fact time is cut-down considerably by not having to code a full theme from the ground-up
This also results in the added benefit of reduced expenses compared to website agencies that custom code entire websites, which requires extensive hours worked by developers to build essentially the same quality groundwork. SAUR Industries has aimed to reduce the burden of time and costs on our clientele since 2016

Business Emails

With access to a website’s cPanel, we’re able to give our clients business emails named after their domain, completely free as part of our standard website design package. So your business can keep up a professional look throughout your interactions with prospects and suppliers
We even link business emails to GMail accounts for faster and smoother access on the go. So you can keep up with all your mail on the go with a software you’re already familiar with. At SAUR Industries we strive to be a one-stop solution for your website needs that’s friendly to your budget!

Cloudflare CDN

Completely free for our clients, a Content Delivery Network simply speeds up a website. How? By connecting the website across different servers in varied locations closer to the visitors’ region, meaning less distance that data travels between the users’ device and a website’s hosting serve
Cloudflare is a service used by many businesses to help keep their webpage speeds up across different regions. It’s reliable online service is one we implement to benefit our clients as part of our website design package at no extra charge. We believe strongly in complete transparency and easy solutions


A compression software that reduces the storage size of images automatically, this is a piece of software that helps keep a website’s speed up but reducing an images bandwidth, meaning there’s less processing needed on a visitor’s device

Smush was rated number one for it’s high-speed and epic-quality. It’s the crowd favorite picture optimization & image compression plugin for WordPress worldwide

Smush compresses photos without any loss in image quality, undoubtedly a valuable plugin for websites. So we implement this on websites we develop at no extra charge

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