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Isn’t It Ironic Businesses Expect Workers To Have The Exact Experience For The Job, But Get Employees To Do Work Outside Their Role?

I think we’ve all heard stories about how our friends or relatives working for a business are often asked to do tasks that aren’t mentioned in the job advertisement they applied for

So isn’t it just ironic how small, medium and large business owners expect applicants to have the exact work experience they damand in their job ads but yet once an employee is hired, they ask that employee to do jobs they have no clue about and simply provide them training to do so

I think this scenario should open the eyes of small businesses, making them aware that these unnecessary job requirements are futile. Business owners should be more open to hiring young people that may not meet the criteria since they can be trained like anyone else

Personally, i reckon that a person’s work experience is used as an indicator to how much a small company can get away underpaying their hardworking staff. A person with less work experience will often get paid less monies than a coworker doing the same job but has more experience & age, even though the quality of their work ends up being identical due to training & effort. Also because jobs aren’t too complicated once training is complete!

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