Websites For Small Businesses In England

Only New Business Owners Have The Power To Increase Wages & Offer 4 Day Work Weeks

The reason why is as simple as owners of a new business have the complete freedom and control over their young venture to boost raise their employee’s pay above what minimum wage laws mandate

Why should they do this? Because entrepreneurs often leave their job because they don’t like the working conditions and also want to earn more money, yet they seem to forget the same scenario applies to their workers

That’s ironic, people start their own businesses to eventually earn more money but don’t seem to want to pay their employees more money. That’s a cycle that needs to end, and it sure is heading that way.

As we’re all aware, Gen Z and Social Media are far more outspoken about the benefits of Job Hopping. How young workers will go into a job, learn all the skills and experience they can obtain while soon applying to higher paying jobs within 2 years.

It’s an “everything to gain, nothing to lose” situation because if they apply to higher paying role but don’t get it? They’ve lost nothing since they’re already gainfully employed…

However, if they apply to a better job and DO get hired? Well they’ve increased their salary without the need for worthless appraisals that drag out for as long as possible just to underpay as much as they can get away with

That’s why new and small startups must be ahead of the curve. They’re not bogged down by redtape appraisal processes, they can immediately choose to pay their people more otherwise they can always Job Hop to find better pay

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