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Google Advertising

Done For You Pay-Per-Click

Optimized & Simplified

With our extensive experience in adjusting Google advert campaigns, we have the know how to deliver you marketing campaigns that won't break the bank but instead give your business massive exposure for pennies on the pound

Transparent Pricing

With us you'll get a flat fee from your end with no hidden costs, we'll run your campaign for you and set an agreed upon end date for each marketing advert so you're aware of what's going on and won't be affected by a surprise unexpected charge

Daily Monitoring

We're a fully engaged business and we strive towards giving our clientele the same level of commitment we expect of ourselves. We'll be closely watching your campaign to ensure all processes are running smoothly so your Google ads can be seen by your customers

Increase Profits

To improve your business's profits, you need to analyze and experiment with different ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and revenue approaches to find the best balance for your bottom line. For instance, a startup company that makes a lot of money, may still have low profit margins if it has problems with low ROAS, margins and costs.

We Work With You At Every Step

At our core, we’re enthusiastic about everything related to search and display. Based in the UK, we have a years of experience delivering noticeable improvements in leads consistently, month after month and year after year. We’ll collaborate closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your business, and use that insight to enhance your revenue through paid online advertising and optimize your return on investment

Common Google PPC Questions

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To help you save time so you can focus on the parts of your business most important to you. Learning Google Advertising is also a tricky process so outsourcing your Google Ads to a third party can save you exponential amounts of time.

Being a small agency dedicated to bringing new businesses the most economic, budget-friendly services available in Birmingham. Our rates are suited to any budget, you decide how much you want to invest into advertising and we accept a flat fee above that.

At SAUR Industries we believe in complete transparency, you will have 100% access to all Google PPC login information so you’re never locked out of a crucial part of your business.

We strongly believe in the freedom of commerce and we offer a pay as you go subscription service to advertise your business in England. So you can have the assurance you’ll never be locked in to a decision you regret and can easily wrap things up without any penalty charges if you choose to halt online marketing.

Monthly. Once per month you’ll receive analytics data from Google’s PPC Portal so you can see how many clicks your campaign has received and for how much the average cost per click is. Google has a neat feature where the advertiser can adjust their maximum budget to avoid overspend and also choose the maximum amount you pay for each click.