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Sunday Express News Business Lies On Their Article

Sunday Express News Business £12trillion false brexit trade boost lies

Imagine you have £1,000,000 in the bank, and then someone gives you £1.

That’s not a £1,000,001 deal just because the amount you end up with is £1,000,001.

It’s a £1 deal.

Same level of deceit being perpetrated here. £12 trillion is the combined GDP of all CPTPP members.

The GDP of the countries in the bloc they’re talking about is 12 trillion, but we can’t take it all. The EU’s combined GDP is 16.6 trillion, so according to their logic, we’ve lost that amount.

The CPTPP deal only gives back 8 pence for every £4 lost due to the Brexit disaster.

The UK’s total GDP in 2022 is £2.2t. The predicted fall in GDP from leaving the EU is £88 billion, whereas the UK government’s own prediction of GDP growth from this deal is £1.8 billion, which is only 1/50 of what was lost or 1/6666 of the £12 trillion quoted here.