Website Design

SAUR Industries is a small website agency prioritising small businesses of all kinds. Our services are tailored to each client with the simplest solutions for much lower than any firm but with the same high-quality service

Our website services are an all-in-one package that cover different types of websites to match their business. We handle the daily maintenance so you won’t have to


Mobile Optimized

All our websites are optimised to be mobile-friendly, so your viewers can browse your business easily

This is a feature that is naturally available by default, as there are over 2billion active smartphones in the world, a mobile-friendly website ensures your customers interact with your business smoothly

E-Commerce Supported

For small e-commerce businesses, we implement a dedicated software named WooCommerce at no extra cost to our clientele.


A Website plugin with fully integrated product support, price management including sales and promotional discount codes. Built-in shipping calculations that can configured to vary by region. Alongside the functionality to process transactions securely through PayPal, Stripe, Square and many other merchants

Web Hosting

We offer a simple and easy website hosting service, one-time payment and we take care of the setup. WordPress is installed for you, saving you time 
A technical service made simple. This is a service that’s already included with our website design package, so you won’t have to worry about different charges and their causes. SAUR Industries is an upfront monthly subscription, easy as can be

We Can Deliver Unique Features Too!

We’re able to develop a unique combination of website functionalities to suit clientele who have a different tastes or requirements. Over the years we’ve honed our skills, becoming incredibly resources to bring forth solutions that remain budget-friendly to those we serve

For one example, we can make the soundcloud embed above auto-play when a visitor loads the page, ideal for musicians or record labels, don’t you think?

We aim to have an initial design generated within the first 7-days of a client joining our website services

After which various changes will require a few days as we serve a range of clients as efficiently as possible

What you are reading from now is called an Accordion! Useful for businesses who want to give their visitors access to common FAQs without taking up too much space on the page!

Correct! We at SAUR Industries believe in complete transparancy and ensure our overhead costs are low so they don’t bleed out onto our clientele

We implement many free softwares and use them in such resourceful ways that we’re able to collectively save our clients thousands across multiple years compared to larger

Save Time

Our simple and easy services can save money and time in your business dealings. We deliver a creative range of services to best serve our clientele

We’ve been in business since 2016, over the years acquiring relevant skills and knowledge to help small businesses flourish on the internet through designing them custom websites built to spec

Affordable Services

As a small business, our services are very reasonable for small businesses, including startups. Our packages can save you tons of painstaking hassle trying to figure out web-design plus saves exponential amounts on not-hiring a web-designer employee

Google SEO

Google Rankings are massively important to every person who uses Google. Nine out of ten people exclusively visit websites ranking on page one. So it’s valuable for small businesses to be ranking where their future customers can see them, we can help

Bookmark Us?

We completely understand that not every visitor has a direct desire for our services. But as a small firm operating since 2016, our goals are to thrive through decades of service!

Perhaps in a few months or few years you may require a website designed for a new venture, and we at SAUR Industries would be honoured to serve. So we kindly ask that our website be added to your bookmarks should you ever need us in the future.


Established In Birmingham, Since 2016

With a population of over 1million people, Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK. We’re incredibly fortunate to be situated near our city’s centre although we work completely remote to ensure overhead costs remain low, which in turn guarantees our services are available for much less than larger firms!
While some of our past work has extended to other countries, we primarily focus our efforts within the UK. So you can be assured there are no currency conversion costs or language barriers while hiring our services