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Want Rich People To Pay More Taxes? Just Sell Them Overpriced Items & Take Their Money

millionaire rich business owner pays exorbitant price for nice car

The generic quote of “rich people should pay their fair share of taxes” could have a much better solution than billionaires paying millions to a billionaire government who spends trillions on overpriced tanks and jets

Instead, we the people should be looking at ways to start businesses selling high end products to the wealthiest of the bunch in order to receive that money they horde. It’s the best solution and here’s why

Rich People Will Pay Exorbitant Prices For Products Available Cheaper

For example, the clothing company Lacoste sells sweatshirts for a gargantuan £150 for a sweatshirt with a crocodile logo in the corner. But a jumper the same quality and design can be acquired for a fraction of the cost. So the point in all of this is people with larger amounts of money (or their families) will gladly pay more money than necessary for products of the same quality

Start A Supercar Company

Simply enough, because millionaires will be millions for cars that honestly ain’t all that reliable. Vehicle companies like Lamborghini care so little about their customers who pay six figures for a hypercar that they use cheap products like indicator lights manufactured by ford or spark plugs which are constructed by Volkswagen. They do this on a car worth over £300,000! So why not the rest of us make overpriced cars and sell them to the rich?

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