Simple & Reliable Websites

SAUR Industries is a small business dedicated to helping businesses flourish on the internet. Whether you’re selling products or services, we can deliver a website suited to your requirements for a lower amount than larger competitors.

We’ve been developing websites since 2016, going above and beyond client expectations for half the cost.

Some example websites designed by us can be seen at the footer of our website, all the way down.

 We design websites using WordPress, the world’s most-popular CMS that ensures we can bring you a wide-range of customization at a budget-friendly investment.

Us Vs them

SAUR Industries is proud to present advantages over other website agencies which may charge extra for features we deliver for free.

While other agencies may limit their services to only 3 to 5 pages? SAUR Industries allows our clientele to choose a limitless number of pages to suit their needs!

It’s also quite common for website agencies to make their clients pay separately for hosting a website, meaning hidden fees. But SAUR Industries will host your website for free as part of our website design package, ensuring your site is connected to the internet without the hassle!

Suited To Small Businesses

We’re a small business that efficiently prioritises keeping our overhead costs low. Why? So we can deliver our services to our clientele at incredibly reasonable amounts. Lower than any other firm, but the same fast high-quality service

By choosing us, you stand to save hordes on not-needing to hire a website-developer employee yourself or going through the years of practice to hone website-design skills

In this modern society, websites help businesses propel much faster, helping to deliver crucial information accurately to customers. Your website can be the foundation of your online presence, an investment that returns on investment every year

A Modern Business Website

By outsourcing website design services to our firm, you stand to save thousands every month since you won't require an in-house employee to handle that. We have experience in a designing different kinds of websites, some of which can be seen at the footer of our website down below

Saving You Money

In the age of the internet, every business has a website. A core centre for their online presence, a website allows you to deliver crucial information about your business directly and automatically to the people interested in your company. Allowing for exponential amounts of people to receive the same message

Years Of Expertise

Since our beginning in 2016, we've spent many years honing our skills through various projects. Hiring our firm can say you exponential amounts of time and money, providing you resources to spend elsewhere to develop your company instead of learning website design

Free WordPress CMS

For years our expertise in WordPress has grown to be able to effectively deliver a range of different websites to suit your goals. WordPress is widely popular with inexpensive solutions that boast excellent customization. WordPress saves months of time without the need to code, so your website can be designed exponentially faster

Free Hostgator Website Hosting

Our websites employ hosting services from Hostgator, to deliver an economic and reliable solution to keeping your website up on the internet each month. With SAUR Industries this maintenance is taken care of for you at no extra cost

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate is displayed by the padlock symbol next to a website address in a browser. These encryption softwares ensure epic protection on personal information and credit card details. Completely shielding them from any human eyes

Free Logo Design

If your business doesn't already have a website, we'll develop you three free logos to minimise the obstacles in your way to getting started on promoting your business on the internet. We always aim to go above the bare minimum to serve our clients

As a small-firm ourselves, we dedicate our company to small businesses looking to establish their online presence. We can get your website setup modelled after another of your choosing or by understanding your choices

Our website-design services are a £80 monthly subscription, no formal-agreement. So you can be assured financial freedom with our company. For the same high-quality websites delivered by other firms, their amounts can range from around £2000 excluding the regular maintenance and day-to-day management we provide in our subscription

What’s more? At SAUR Industries we offer a £40 Amazon Gift-Card as a client-referral reward. So if you have a friend or relative who could benefit from our website-design services for their business, we’ll gift you a one-time £40 gift-card for Amazon if they become one of our clientele

How does it work? once a client joins our services, all they need to do is confirm with us who referred them, provide an email and we’ll be sure to send their gift. Easy.



We’re very familiar with a host of payment processors ranging between PayPal, Stripe and Square. If your business is one which processes payment online, this is something we can absolutely integrate into your website.

Even for e-commerce websites, we’re able to connect payment processors to dedicated softwares you can efficiently sell your products and receive funds instantaneously


Wish To Discuss?

Say hello to us at SAUR Industries, we’re eager to help you propel your business on the internet. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have!

SAUR Industries has been operating swiftly since 2016 and we plan to remain for many decades onwards