Website Hosting Explained!

Website Hosting is a crucial online service which connects a URL domain onto the internet so visitors can finally see your website

Every website on the world wide web is hosted on a server, whether it’s their own dedicated server or a shared server they’re paying for provided by a specialist web services company

How Does Hosting Work?

Through the use of storage servers connected to the internet, these servers have a vast quantity of storage to store and connect websites such as the one we can build for you. As a website developer, we have a fast & reliable web hosting platform to point your domain's DNS settings to our hosting servers, ensuring your website has a guaranteed uptime of atleast 99% connectivity

Free With Web Design

A valuable perk attached to our services that'll save you approximately £250 every year. Other firms would leave a cost like this onto their clients to deal with but not us, we strive to make owning a website as smooth as possible, which is why we provide this service completely free on our hosting platform when you join us website design package

Reliable Hosting

Thanks to the high quality servers we employ, we guarantee at minimum of 99% uptime connectivity, so your website will always stay online connected to the internet for your customers to visit

Easy. Simple. Fast.

No contracts or hidden fees, at SAUR Industries we strongly believe in transparency and keeping our services as consumer-friendly as possible. As a small business ourselves, our sole focus is dedicated to serving new & small businesses, just like us!



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