Why Customers Should Boycott Service GTA Online

According to recent gaming leaks retrieved by hackers who infiltrated corporate company Rockstar Games, it seems it’s been discovered that the multi-billion dollar entertainment monolith has cancelled 8 DLCs for their flagship gaming product GTA V and terminated two potential IPs named Bully 2 and Midnight Club 5

This news comes as a disappointing shock to customers of the gaming franchise who have long awaited the release of such highly anticipated products

Why did Rockstar Games make this business decision? Because their gaming service GTA Online is far too profitable, generating billions of united states dollars in online revenue from across the globe very regularly

The solution to prevent situations like this occuring with the upcoming GTA VI product in 2025? Is to boycott Rockstar Games multiplayer services by not spending any money on their micro-transaction ecosystem which trades real monies for in-game currency

This would ensure the entertainment company Rockstar Games is hindered in their ability to generate astronomical profits from online multiplayer services and channels their focus to providing loyal customers the single player games they’ve long awaited in order to generate huge sums of profit